Welcome, Bienvenidos, Willkommen, Accueil, Benvenuto, An yo hoshimika.   I am so pleased you have chosen to join me on my new website and my first blog.  I look forward to hearing from you and your feedback.  “Don’t bother to do another one,” is an acceptable response!

A couple of disclaimers:

  • As many know, I’m a native Texan and frequently resort to Texas humor, syntax and/or dialect.  Living in many parts of the world, like Korea, Germany, New Jersey, Kansas and Nebraska I have learned that not everyone appreciates, or even understands my comments.  If it doesn’t make sense, it’s probably me being Texan.
  • As a clergy person, I actively work to not be religious. I won’t be using Christocentric language, for which I have taken a number of criticisms from well intentioned Christians when I was blogging, before it was called blogging during my tenure at Methodist Healthcare System, 1995-2004.

My goal is to publish something at least every other week.  My year of way too much travel, marketing my book, is almost over and I look forward to being home with “The Girls,” my two toy poodles, Bijou and Zoe’. Stand by for pics.

Spirituality is how one relates to their universe.  Religion is the codification of spirituality.  Those definitions have worked many years for me. I hope they will for you as I share my thoughts, experiences and hopes.


Peace, mtc

3 thoughts on “Howdy!

  1. Good luck with your blog, Mike. Your goal of posting something on a regular basis is laudable–but is something I myself failed to achieve when I once tried it. On the other hand, it is always a lot easier to find something to blog about if people provide feedback and commentary. You just hope that commentary is relevant and not flaming nor profane. So, here’s my encouragement to folks to engage with you. I know you won’t regret it.


  2. Will look forward to read your notes. I am thankful for your friendship and often am on the opposite side of an issue. We both took some risks to preserve, protect and defend the right to differ! Keep up the good work and I appreciate your efforts.


  3. What a world we live in! War, famine, ebola, unemployment, financial crisis, hatred. It just goes on and on. It seems that on a daily basis each of us can see our own humanity being assaulted every day. I’ve known you for almost 50 years, Mike. I can think of no one I’d rather discuss Spirituality with than you.. I’ll look forward to your posts, and I might even chime in every once and a while! Good luck and best wishes in your new endeavor! Let’s each, every one of us, respect our own humanity….. Gig ’em!


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