What does a red headed wood pecker, a black and white wood pecker, sparrows, a female gold finch, a purple finch, two male blue jays, snow birds, a pair of cardinals and a squirrel have in common?  They all feed at “my” feeder on “my” deck.  Have you ever just sat and watched birds and/or squirrels eat?

There was, as meteorologists call it, a light dusting of snow this morning when I awoke—about three-eighths of an inch.  “The Girls,” my two apricot toy poodles, and I went through our morning routine of scratching, tummy rubs, treats, out the doggie door for physical relief (just they use the door), and making coffee, well I had to do the latter because they refuse to learn, we settled into our easy chair for reading and morning meditations (Ever wonder on what dogs meditate?).  I began to watch the menagerie enjoying their breakfast.

Experiencing the wonder of creation and its reflection on the new snow, I had a sense of peace.  I sipped my coffee, almost reverently, as I took in the similarities of animals and humans.  Sam, the squirrel, ate, scratched, looked around to be sure he was safe and then ate some more.  When he left, the birds came to fight over more seed than they could possibly eat.  Their size made a difference in who ate first.  The smaller birds ate on the floor of the deck that which the cardinal pushed out of the feeder while he roosted in it.

Eat, fly away, sit in the trees, return to the feeder, repeat.  Their ballet was mesmerizing against the gray sky of winter.  As Bijou and Zoe’ snuggled against my legs, I unconsciously began to pet them. I gave thanks to the Great Creator as I felt the Sustainer surround me in the warmth of the “thinness” of earth touching heaven and I touching that which is eternal love.

It was a good morning to grow my soul.

One thought on “SNOW

  1. Mornings with the creatures, the best. Your words painted a lovely picture for me, I enjoyed it “ever so much”. Love you.


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