I once walked into our home, which was being remodeled, and picked up a large piece of waste paper laying next to the wall and when I got into the kitchen my wife asked what I thought (about it).  The “it” to which she was referring was that the dining room through which I had just walked had been transformed from a very neutral off-white color to terracotta by the painters after I left for work that morning.  “What do I think about what?” I responded.

After she collected herself from the shock of my totally missing the metamorphosis, even though my head, but clearly not my eyes, was less than twelve inches from the wall when I picked up the paper, she just looked at me in total disbelief.  Following her gaze, I turned to see the transformation of the room and admired the beauty of the “bold” room afresh in the warm color.  How did I miss that?

I don’t see detail.  I never have.  I don’t even concern myself with detail unless I absolutely have to.  My ADD keeps my mind in overdrive almost constantly and at any given moment; I’m several hundred miles from where my body is.  Guess I was born that way or maybe it’s a malady of the culture in which we live.

As I have grown older and hopefully matured, I have come to understand the joy of seeing the world around me.  Sometimes, I actually observe there are leaves on the trees.  Sometimes, I watch the sunlight sparkle and “bounce” off the water of the river I’m standing in with a fly rod in my hand.  Sometimes, I sit in my chair with “the girls” (My two toy poodles) in my lap and watch the birds at the feeder and actually see the varied markings and colors that make them unique.  When I do these things, my blood pressure drops, my pulse slows and I have a sense of peace.  I wonder what else I have missed in life by not seeing?

One thought on “HOW’S YOUR VISION?

  1. Mike … Welcome to the human race! Or maybe we have the same affliction and then were blest to see things through the eyes of children, a dog or grandchildren. As I walk buster, my grand dog Brown Lab on Patch Barracks each morning, I do not share what he smells, but his pace when no squirrel is in the area allows me to see the start of spring flowers, new grass, leaves starting to come out on trees, and land coming to life. Before it was do your business so I can get Vick inside for the next cup of coffee. .. Oh, my mind still raced ahead, just like yours, but still sees things in shades of RED and you keep sending me messages from A BLUE STATE. Guess opposites do have an attraction as I see the world differently, but you in terms of a Best Friend with nothing to do about Face Book. Grab your fishing pole and come on down to Georgetown after 25 March and we will go back to solving smaller things like political issues over a cold one. Cheers! Paul

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