I really enjoying traveling and one of the reasons is because I get to spend quasi leisure time in airports.  I’m fascinated by them and their myriad of moving parts.  And then there are the people; short, tall, skinny, fat, buff, shapely, young, old, newborns, octogenarians and every color under the sun.  So many languages, dialects and people signing.  It’s all just fascinating to me.  Diversity!


I remember being on the beach at San Diego and my host showed me the little puddles of water in the large rocks, or were they coral, which contained its own complete ecosystem, like an airport in some ways.  Dare we say a microcosm of the earth?


Oh, there’s the ever present toddler with the “Pebbles” top knot exploring the universe around her with a sense of total freedom, with mom, or some other care taker, a few steps behind, ever vigilant.  There’s the weirdo with scraggly beard and clothes that don’t match.  Here comes the sports team on their great adventure with hopes of victory in their hearts.  Over there is the musician carrying his carefully packed instrument on his back.  Does each airport hire these people?  It almost seems they do.


One readily sees the differences and if one takes a bit of time to watch, we see our commonalities are far greater.  Do we not all experience pleasure and pain?  Do we not all require food and drink and the need to eliminate waste from our bodies?  The overwhelming majority of adults have experienced sexual intimacy with another.  No doubt, it is a very small majority of those over the age of twelve who have not had their hearts broken by a would be love attraction.  All of this is called life.  Some live it better than others, but we all live it, nonetheless.


So what is the most basic trait of our collective beings?  I propose it is that at our very core, we have the propensity to love and be loved.  We are born with a divine spark that enables us to want to live life to its fullest—with others.  Now that’s a great way to relate to our universe!  My wish is that you choose to continue to grow your soul in all the ways you can—even while stuck in the hubbub of an airport.

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