There I was, sitting in the Arrivals Section of the D/FW airport, awaiting my Son, Chris, and his girlfriend, Katy who were flying in from Hawaii for his grandmother’s funeral.  It has been a very long time since I have spent an hour in an area like that.  If you know anything about D/FWIA, you know it is one of the largest airports in the world.  Massive is a good descriptor and I didn’t want to be late.  Flights from Honolulu are frequently early.

I love people watching.  I love diversity.  I love friends and family greeting one another after an absence.  Perhaps, the best is grandparents meeting their grand children for the first time.  That’s unconditional love incarnate.  Second to that, is families reuniting after an obviously long separation.  I get a particularly big rush and a few goose bumps when a Military Service Member is returning from a combat tour.  Just no words for that when the family can see for themselves s/he’s okay.

I enjoy the native costumes of those visiting from lands far away.  I like to hear the different languages and I especially delight in the universal facial expressions, laughter and/or tears.   I appreciate the culturally unique ways people process and express their feelings.  International airports are a mini United Nations on any given day.  It’s interesting to see the similarities of humanity while dressing and behaving in so many different ways.  What a kaleidoscope of life.

Then it was my turn.  Chris and Katy came walking through the door and I saw them for the first time since last October.  All was right with the world and we were together.  Funny how when I’m close to my kids and/or grand kids, I feel closer to everyone and the universe.  My step is lighter, my spirit soars, life is good and I give thanks.  I am one with all.