I have been doing a considerable amount of work in my yard, lately–assisted by my thirteen year old grandson, Tristan Micah Curd.  We pulled weeds the first few days, then used twelve inch paving bricks to create borders for the older flower beds and the newly created ones.  We carried forty pound bags of play sand, mulch and garden soil.  It’s that time of the year in Omaha when one must choose to walk to one’s mail box or swim.  I relearned that sweating is good for many things, including growing one’s soul.

There is ample evidence in the literature of stress management, cleansing the body of toxins (Sans a high colonic) and alternative medicine to support the premise.  The Sweat Lodge tradition of the native peoples of North and South America is a specifically spiritual tradition.  The Saunas of Scandinavian and other European countries are very popular for healing and relaxation.

If gardening is your thing, you are doubly blessed by actually interacting with the earth, plants, sky and sun.  There are age appropriate activities for all.  Other types of outdoor enterprises such as walking, running, cycling, horse back riding, building, farming; well, you get the point.  If you’re doing any of these things on a summer day, you will probably be sweating.  Might as well make it a spiritual exercise as well!

Be amazed at how your body is its own environmental control unit.  Feel the rivulets cleansing  poisons from your body–along with the beer, wine, and/or liquor you had last night.  Be aware of moisture bathing your body.  Be in communion with every soul who has ever lived and sweated.  Recognize your oneness with all nature, time, and other creatures who have shared the Earth.  Believe in the Universe that provides everything we need for a good life.  Enjoy the basic humanness of your body functioning properly. Be in relationship with all that is.