Spirituality Killers

I was talking to a very good friend today and he was sharing some existential angst about what one of our Aggie class mates had posted on our Google group.

A bit of background, fair readers.  As graduates of the Bastion of Academia and Conservatism in Texas, we have progressed through life in a myriad of ways.  Most of us were staunch conservatives in 1969.  Vietnam, Richard Nixon, and LBJ all had their impact.  Many classmates are still conservatives.  A few of us are card carrying liberals.  Hence the problem.

As we were speaking he was at the penitent stage of having been snarky in his e-reply and I heard myself say, “We all have the propensity to be visceral.”  Sometimes I scare myself with my profundity.  At least until I realize that the source of the comment was not my own.  The Universe (apply your own descriptor) said it through me.  I just love it when that happens.

I simultaneously grasped the reality that when we are visceral, i.e., in a fight/flight reaction we block our relationship with the universe and are rarely at our best—unless we are a SEAL Team fighting against overwhelming odds.  It seems to me, that to grow our soul, we must avoid that state and be in our frontal cortex to be aware of the beauty, peace, joy and wholeness around us—if in fact it is occurring at that moment.

What works for you?  How do you grow your soul?  I’d be happy to hear your comments.  Peace, mtc